Bartholomew Lander grew up in California, never thinking he’d go too far beyond the state’s borders. Since then, he’s been a teacher in Japan and a programmer in Sweden. Now, he lives with his wife and two terrible but perfect cats at the edge of the Scandinavian wilderness where the road and the forest meet.

Bartholomew has been crafting stories his whole life through different media: home movies, music, and even computer games. Only recently has he started to put those stories to paper and share them with the world. Bartholomew knows how important stories can be, and how they can change peoples lives. In fact, ever since he was a child, he was terrified of spiders—that is, until he wrote a paranormal urban fantasy trilogy about human-spider hybrids. Now he loves the cute little things (just so long as they don’t get too close)!

His current obsession is writing dark, character-driven urban fantasy with a dash of YA energy and a pinch of cosmic horror—because the darker things are, the brighter even the dimmest light will shine. More than just hitting the latest genre-standard tropes, Bartholomew loves taking strange little ideas and turning them into epic—if unconventional—stories. His goal isn’t to become rich and famous; he’d rather his stories reach the people whose lives they can change—and if others have a bit of fun with them, all the better! If you’re the kind of reader who enjoys slow-burning, character-driven stories about unusual paranormal creatures, magic that never comes for free, and the tenacity of the human spirit, then you just might find something to love in his writing.

When not writing about things like spider cults and blood elementals, he enjoys running tabletop RPG campaigns, researching mysterious and paranormal topics, playing arcade shmups, and painting tiny monsters made out of plastic.

Other places to find Bartholomew:

Mastodon: @[email protected]
Cohost: bartlander
Twitter: @bartlander