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The Shop is Now Open!

Autumnal greetings, travelers and fellow spider enthusiasts! Continuing the trend of 2022 being an explosive year for exciting releases, I’m pleased to announce the opening of the official Bartholomew Lander merchandise shop! Whether you’re a die-hard Warren Brood fanatic, or just looking for something a bit different this gift-giving season, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest. Check it out here, or click the brand-new link in the menu above!

This is a super exciting update for me, because it means I get to offer you guys a bit more than just my stories. Going forward, I plan to add lots of cool stuff to the store, with exclusive art and nods to the worlds of the Warren Brood, Into Vermilion, and more!

So, what’s on the shelves this launch day? I’m happy you asked! The premier items include these posters featuring textless versions of the Warren Brood trilogy’s cover art!

Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 11″ x 14″ (27,9cm x 35,5cm) to 24″ x 36″ (60,9cm x 91,4cm), these posters will add a splash of (eerie, spiderific) color to your room or office! But what if you’re not a poster-enjoyer? What if you’re the type of person who instead enjoys scalding hot beverages? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this hot-drink receptacle!

Available in both 11- and 15-ounce sizes, this mug features the minimalist frontispiece artwork previously only available in the now out-of-print first edition paperbacks of the Warren Brood trilogy. Fun fact: these images were once in the running to become the first-edition covers. Putting them here on the shelf next to the new second-edition art seemed like a nice way to bring things full circle.

Aaaaand that’s actually it for the moment. Admittedly, the current selection of four items is pretty narrow. However, now that the technical foundation is in place, you can bet there will be more stuff coming soon! So don’t fret if you’re an Into Vermilion fan in desperate need of a counter-cultural mousepad. I’ll have news for you in none too long. Until then, stay warm and safe, friends!